Disabled access

Disabled persons may request transport services for the final regatta of the Tall Ships Races. Requests will be accepted no later than August 3 by the Disabled Transportation Services Section, at telephone number 91 42 43 555, from 6.00 to 13.30.
When requesting transport services, the dispatcher should be informed as to whether the disabled person will need a stair climber and wheelchair and whether he or she will be travelling with a guardian (one person). The cost of transportation for a disabled person is 10 PLN (on working days) and 12 PLN (on holidays). Guardians travel for free.
This year we have waived the requirement to provide a disability certificate as well as the obligation to be a registered resident of Szczecin. Those who use a wheelchair or have a visual impairment may use transport services. In addition, persons with disabilities will be able to use the transport services waiting at the Hotel Focus and at the Customs House. Disabled persons will also be transported to these locations from their places of residence, provided that they have filed such a request in advance. The last return transport from the event area will depart at 20:00.
Disabled toilets will be available within the event area, as well as a designated safe zone next to the main stage.
No extra parking spaces or entrances to the event area for persons with disabilities travelling in private cars are planned.