Malcolm Miller, Cyprus


"The Malcolm Miller is a sistership of the three-mast schooner Sir Winston Churchill designed by Camper & Nicholsons. She was built by John Lewis & Sons in Aberdeen and first served as a Sail training ship before being converted into a yacht. The Malcolm Miller was built in 1967. Half of the construction cost was donated by Sir James Miller, a former Lord Mayor of London and Lord Provost of Edinburgh. She was named in memory of Sir James's son Malcolm, who had been killed in a car accident. She was used by the Sail Training Association as a sail training ship. In 2000, the Malcolm Miller was replaced in service by the Stavros S Niarchos. In 2001, the Malcolm Miller was sold and her new owners renamed her Helena C. She was rebuilt and redelivered in 2004 as a private pleasure ship. She crossed the Atlantic ocean on two occasions.



Lenght: 45m
Height: 31m
Draft: 5.83m
Crew: 15