NEVA, Russia


Neva was first launched in 1936 at the Abeking & Rasmussen yard in the German city of Bremen. She was originally named Ibis, after a type of bird. After her launch, Ibis was used by Luftwaffe pilots for learning navigation. Then, in 1945, the highest German command used the boat to escape from Germany via Denmark. In Denmark, she was abandoned and subjected to looting. But she was lucky; she was soon discovered by Soviet sailing enthusiasts, who were serving in the Russian armed forces in Europe. Despite the post-war difficulties, Ibis was restored and given a new life. In 1947, ownership of the boat was taken over by the Soviet Union. In 1951, she became part of the sailing fleet of the ‘?entral River Yacht Club’ in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), and was renamed after the principal river of the city – Neva. She then took part in many regattas and sailing competitions. Through the efforts of her crew and a supply of new young trainees, she regularly won prizes. From 1991, Neva began to take part in international regattas, and even be among the winners. Every year since 1995, Neva has made long-distance sea-training trips to the Baltic Sea with the purpose of passing on the invaluable experience of maritime veterans to young sailors.



Height: 18,60m
Length: 17,25m
Crew: 6 regular crew members + 6 trainees