ZRYW, Poland


S/y Zryw was built in 1978 in the Maritime Yacht Shipyard of Leonid Teliga. She is used as a sail training vessel for adolescents and to help them pass the Polish Certificate of Competency. These young sailors gather experience from voyages in the Baltic Sea. Within the last 2 years, Zryw sailed twice around the Baltic and once to the northern edge of the Gulf of Bothnia. Then the crew passed the Arctic Circle. Both voyages were rewarded with the local Sailing-tourists Award of the year. Zryw still looks as new, thanks to a hard working and caring crew who have built a strong bond with the yacht.



Lenght: 10,57m
Widht: 3,69m
Draft: 2,05m
Sails area: 48,7m2
Displacement: 4,89 t