What? Where? When?

Andrea Bocelli concert

The Main Stage

From 20:00

The Chrobry Embankment

08.00-12.00 Vessel welcoming ceremony
10:00-02:00 Sailing Fair


08.00-12.00 Vessel welcoming ceremony
10:00-21:00 Spherical Tent Zone
09.00-24.00 Sand Sculpture Festival
22.00-23.30 Samba Port Festival 
10:00-02:00 Food Truck Cuisine Festival
10:00-02:00 Sailing Fair
10:00-02:00 Amusement Parks

Gdynia Boulevard

10.00-21.00 Games, animations and film projections in home.pl technology tent
12.00-02.00 Chillout scene

NorthEast Marina

10.00 – 20.00 Water tram (free of charge - tickets in TT-Line tent)

Vessel decks

10.00-20.00 On-board tours (A and B-class vessels)
13.00-24.00 25th anniversary celebration of fryderyk Chopin (Łasztownia, Fryderyk Chopins deck)

The Main Stage


Opening ceremony of the TSR finale

20.00-22.00 Andrea Bocelli concert
22.00-22.15 Fireworks display

Grodzka Island

 10.00-22.00 Sports zone

Adam Mickiewicz square

12.00-20.00 Kids Zone
12.00-20.00 Family Travel Festival

Jana z Kolna

10:00-16:00 Draisine race with OT Logistics
10:00-02:00 Sailing Fair
10:00-02:00 Amusement Parks

Wieleckie Quay

10.00-20.00 Water tram (free of charge - tickets in TT-Line tent)
15.00-22.15 Scene on the water, concert: Klang, MuzyKajaka, Nierobbersi, Kraków Street Band, Bleu Bossa, After Blues

Żeromski ‘s Park

10.00-19.00 Sports zone
11.00-01.40 Sailing Cinema

Central Cemetery

12.00 Offering flowers at the memorial dedicated “To those who have not returned from the sea”